How much do local firework displays cost?

Hosts of local Independence Day celebrations spent all year getting ready for Friday night. From the fireworks to the soundtracks they play to, everything was carefully planned out. Firework shells filled canisters hours before they exploded in the night sky. For "Thunder on the Mountain", Jeff Neu was in charge of the firework display set to light up the sky above Vulcan. {}"Tonight, we're going to do something a little special," explained Neu. "We haven't done this in a couple years. We're going to have waterfalls coming off of the catwalk below Vulcan. There's going to be comets and mimes and different things that we're going to shoot right there off of Vulcan."The show can be expensive, but Christina Almanza, Director of Marketing for Vulcan, says that's where private donors come in. "Vulcan itself, the property is owned by the city of Birmingham, but Vulcan Park Foundation secures the funds for the firework show," she explained. "So, we have private sponsors, if you see on our website we have the city of Birmingham of course, Dales seasoning, Good People brewery, some in media."Birmingham's contribution is about $10,000, according the city's spokesperson. The city of Hoover is also spending some cash on its 20 minute fire work display at the annual Freedom Fest at the Met. The city of Hoover could not immediately say how much Friday's firework show will cost. We checked with Pyro Show, the company planning the display. Representatives said the average cost of a great show is $1,000 per minute."Each year we have money budgeted for great community events like Celebrate Hoover Day and our annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. And Freedom Fest is just one of them that go into the budget each year," said Hoover Event Coordinator Erin Coalbaugh.She says the money is part of the city's events budget. She expects this year's show to be even better than last year. "They use bigger shells than normal. They use 4, 5 and 6 inch shells which will allow you to see it in different areas if you're not here right on property."The freedom Fest is free for the public and the city's expecting a great crowd. "Last year, we had 10,000 people and it was a rainy day," remembered Coalbaugh. "So, we're hoping that people will choose to come out here, maybe after the pool or something with their family."