How to find scholarships

A Google search could lead to hundreds of dollars in scholarships. Ask yourself, is there something unique about me or my family? Are you Native American? Are you extremely tall? There's are scholarships for that.

Many cases, scholarships are based on more than grades. Think about what you offer outside of the classroom.

Dedicate the time to search for scholarhips.That means you may have to sacrifice a weekend out with friends.

Also, think within your circle. Scholarships are all around you. Think about the places you shop and the products you buy. Chances are, those companies have scholarships. Take a trip to your human resources department. Many companies offer scholarships to employee's children. Are you part church or worship center? Ask about opportunities for students. Many have scholarship funds.

Start early. Your junior year of high school is ideal. Keep an updated resume. Have at least three solid essays ready for submission.