How to never get sick again

Women's Health Magazine has revealed what they say is the secret to never getting sick again.According to a new article, you only have to do five simple things:1. Take a daily probiotic.{}{}{}{} You can get{} probiotics from foods like yogurt, miso and tempeh. Doctors suggest taking a{}{}{}{} 60 - 90 milligram supplement every morning to strengthen your immune system.2. Take 2 vitamin D supplements every day---especially in the winter.{}{}{}{} Your body doesn't make as much of it's own vitamin D without the sun's rays.3. Get pampered.{}{}{}{} A regular massage will help decrease the body's level of cortisol---a stress hormone. So remember to get some R&R to stay healthy.4. Cut calories from your diet.{}{}{}{} You don't have to starve yourself, but just by slashing 10% of your daily caloric intake, you can strengthen your T-cells, which will in turn boost antioxidants in your body.5. Get out and meet people!{}{}{}{} Studies prove that being around people and having more friends strengthens your resistance to infectious disease.