ABC 33/40 Weather Authority: How to program a weather radio

How to program a weather radio

Forecasters say a heat wave that could deliver the warmest Christmas ever recorded to cities across the South may also fuel tornadoes and storms featuring golf ball-sized hail and damaging winds of up to 70 mph.

The National Weather Service projects that by Wednesday evening, the threat of severe weather will extend from Louisiana through Mississippi and Alabama and into Georgia.

ABC 33/40 Meteorologist Charles Daniel says programming a weather radio isn't difficult.

First, check to make sure batteries are installed. Next you will need a county and frequency code. On a Midland radio, hit menu and scroll down to "set location" and hit select. Then select, "single" for single county. The screen should say, "same 01" hit "select." The "001" stands for Alabama. The next code is the county code. Scroll until you get the correct county code and hit "select."

See the chart below to get your county code or go to

Once you set the county code, hit "menu" to go back. Scroll down until you get to "alert type." Hit "select" and change it to "voice." Charles says during a weather event in your area, the voice option will carry a tone before a voice gives you information about what to do.

Press "menu" again and scroll down until you see "set channel." Hit "select." You can scroll through to connect to a working channel. For a list of frequencies in your area, click here.

If you get static, you should select another channel. Charles says it's important to hit the "weather/snooze" button to check because the Birmingham transmitter is not working at full capacity.