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      How to program a weather radio

      ?Severe weather is heading to Central Alabama early next week. Meteorologist Charles Daniel says now is the time to prepare. He recommends programming weather radios, checking to make sure they work and going through your severe weather plan.Charles says programming a weather radio isn't difficult. First, check to make sure batteries are installed. Next you will need a county and frequency code. On a Midland radio, hit menu and scroll down to "set location" and hit select. Then select, "single" for single county. The screen should say, "same 01" hit "select." The "001" stands for Alabama. The next code is the county code. Scroll until you get the correct county code and hit "select." See the chart below to get your county code.County Coverage for Alabama County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO Autauga 001001 SelmaALWNG635162.4501000Calera, AL Autauga 001001 MontgomeryALKIH55162.4001000Calera, AL Baldwin 001003 PensacolaFLKEC86162.4001000Mobile, AL Baldwin 001003 MobileALKEC61162.5501000Mobile, AL Barbour 001005 LouisvilleALKIH56162.4751000Calera, AL Bibb 001007 TuscaloosaALKIH60162.4001000Calera, AL Bibb 001007 Birmingham (OUT OF SERVICE)ALKIH54162.5501000Calera, AL Blount 001009 OneontaALWNG606162.425300Calera, AL Blount 001009 Birmingham (OUT OF SERVICE)ALKIH54162.5501000Calera, AL Bullock 001011 MontgomeryALKIH55162.4001000Calera, AL Bullock 001011 LouisvilleALKIH56162.4751000Calera, AL Butler 001013 GreenvilleALWNG607162.425300Mobile, AL Butler 001013 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Calhoun 001015 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL Chambers 001017 La GrangeGAKXI76162.450300Peachtree City, GA Chambers 001017 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL Chambers 001017 AuburnALWWF54162.5251000Calera, AL Cherokee 001019 SummervilleGAWXJ72162.450300Peachtree City, GA Cherokee 001019 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL Cherokee 001019 HenagarALWWF44162.5001000Huntsville, AL Chilton 001021 MontgomeryALKIH55162.4001000Calera, AL Chilton 001021 SelmaALWNG635162.4501000Calera, AL Chilton 001021 Birmingham (OUT OF SERVICE)ALKIH54162.5501000Calera, AL Choctaw 001023 MeridianMSKIH49162.5501000Jackson, MS Choctaw 001023 DemopolisALWXL72162.4751000Calera, AL Clarke 001025 JacksonALWWF55162.5001000Mobile, AL Clay 001027 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL Cleburne 001029 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL Coffee 001031 WestvilleFLWWH20162.4501000Tallahassee, FL Coffee 001031 LouisvilleALKIH56162.4751000Calera, AL Coffee 001031 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Coffee 001031 GreenvilleALWNG607162.425300Mobile, AL Colbert 001033 FlorenceALKIH57162.4751000Huntsville, AL Conecuh 001035 JacksonALWWF55162.5001000Mobile, AL Conecuh 001035 GreenvilleALWNG607162.425300Mobile, AL Conecuh 001035 BrewtonALWNG646162.4751000Mobile, AL Conecuh 001035 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Coosa 001037 MontgomeryALKIH55162.4001000Calera, AL Coosa 001037 Birmingham (OUT OF SERVICE)ALKIH54162.5501000Calera, AL Covington 001039 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Covington 001039 BrewtonALWNG646162.4751000Mobile, AL Crenshaw 001041 GreenvilleALWNG607162.425300Mobile, AL Crenshaw 001041 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Cullman 001043 HuntsvilleALKIH20162.4001000Huntsville, AL Cullman 001043 CullmanALWWF66162.450300Huntsville, AL Cullman 001043 ArabALWNG642162.525300Huntsville, AL Cullman 001043 Birmingham (OUT OF SERVICE)ALKIH54162.5501000Calera, AL Dale 001045 LouisvilleALKIH56162.4751000Calera, AL Dallas 001047 SelmaALWNG635162.4501000Calera, AL Dallas 001047 DemopolisALWXL72162.4751000Calera, AL Dallas 001047 MontgomeryALKIH55162.4001000Calera, AL DeKalb 001049 HenagarALWWF44162.5001000Huntsville, AL DeKalb 001049 ArabALWNG642162.525300Huntsville, AL Elmore 001051 MontgomeryALKIH55162.4001000Calera, AL Escambia 001053 JacksonALWWF55162.5001000Mobile, AL Escambia 001053 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Escambia 001053 BrewtonALWNG646162.4751000Mobile, AL Etowah 001055 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL Fayette 001057 WinfieldALWWF53162.5251000Calera, AL Fayette 001057 TuscaloosaALKIH60162.4001000Calera, AL Franklin 001059 FlorenceALKIH57162.4751000Huntsville, AL Geneva 001061 WestvilleFLWWH20162.4501000Tallahassee, FL Geneva 001061 LouisvilleALKIH56162.4751000Calera, AL Geneva 001061 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Greene 001063 TuscaloosaALKIH60162.4001000Calera, AL Greene 001063 DemopolisALWXL72162.4751000Calera, AL Hale 001065 TuscaloosaALKIH60162.4001000Calera, AL Hale 001065 DemopolisALWXL72162.4751000Calera, AL Henry 001067 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL Henry 001067 LouisvilleALKIH56162.4751000Calera, AL Houston 001069 WestvilleFLWWH20162.4501000Tallahassee, FL Houston 001069 SneadsFLWNG633162.4251000Tallahassee, FL Houston 001069 LouisvilleALKIH56162.4751000Calera, AL Houston 001069 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL Jackson 001071 WinchesterTNWNG554162.5251000Huntsville, AL Jackson 001071 HuntsvilleALKIH20162.4001000Huntsville, AL Jackson 001071 HenagarALWWF44162.5001000Huntsville, AL Jackson 001071 ArabALWNG642162.525300Huntsville, AL Jefferson 001073 Birmingham (OUT OF SERVICE)ALKIH54162.5501000Calera, AL Lamar 001075 WinfieldALWWF53162.5251000Calera, AL Lamar 001075 AberdeenMSKUT404162.450300Memphis, TN Lauderdale 001077 FlorenceALKIH57162.4751000Huntsville, AL Lauderdale 001077 CliftonTNWZ2506162.5001000Old Hickory, TN Lawrence 001079 HuntsvilleALKIH20162.4001000Huntsville, AL Lawrence 001079 FlorenceALKIH57162.4751000Huntsville, AL Lee 001081 ColumbusALWXM32162.4001000Peachtree City, GA Lee 001081 AuburnALWWF54162.5251000Calera, AL Limestone 001083 HuntsvilleALKIH20162.4001000Huntsville, AL Lowndes 001085 SelmaALWNG635162.4501000Calera, AL Lowndes 001085 MontgomeryALKIH55162.4001000Calera, AL Lowndes 001085 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Lowndes 001085 GreenvilleALWNG607162.425300Mobile, AL Macon 001087 MontgomeryALKIH55162.4001000Calera, AL Macon 001087 AuburnALWWF54162.5251000Calera, AL Madison 001089 ArabALWNG642162.525300Huntsville, AL Madison 001089 WinchesterTNWNG554162.5251000Huntsville, AL Madison 001089 HuntsvilleALKIH20162.4001000Huntsville, AL Marengo 001091 DemopolisALWXL72162.4751000Calera, AL Marion 001093 WinfieldALWWF53162.5251000Calera, AL Marshall 001095 HuntsvilleALKIH20162.4001000Huntsville, AL Marshall 001095 HenagarALWWF44162.5001000Huntsville, AL Marshall 001095 ArabALWNG642162.525300Huntsville, AL Mobile 001097 MobileALKEC61162.5501000Mobile, AL Mobile 001097 LeakesvilleMSWNG640162.4251000Mobile, AL Monroe 001099 JacksonALWWF55162.5001000Mobile, AL Monroe 001099 BrewtonALWNG646162.4751000Mobile, AL Montgomery 001101 MontgomeryALKIH55162.4001000Calera, AL Morgan 001103 HuntsvilleALKIH20162.4001000Huntsville, AL Perry 001105 SelmaALWNG635162.4501000Calera, AL Perry 001105 DemopolisALWXL72162.4751000Calera, AL Pickens 001107 TuscaloosaALKIH60162.4001000Calera, AL Pike 001109 LouisvilleALKIH56162.4751000Calera, AL Pike 001109 GreenvilleALWNG607162.425300Mobile, AL Pike 001109 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Randolph 001111 La GrangeGAKXI76162.450300Peachtree City, GA Randolph 001111 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL Russell 001113 ColumbusALWXM32162.4001000Peachtree City, GA St. Clair 001115 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL St. Clair 001115 Birmingham (OUT OF SERVICE)ALKIH54162.5501000Calera, AL Shelby 001117 Birmingham (OUT OF SERVICE)ALKIH54162.5501000Calera, AL Sumter 001119 MeridianMSKIH49162.5501000Jackson, MS Sumter 001119 DemopolisALWXL72162.4751000Calera, AL Talladega 001121 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL Tallapoosa 001123 AuburnALWWF54162.5251000Calera, AL Tallapoosa 001123 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL Tuscaloosa 001125 TuscaloosaALKIH60162.4001000Calera, AL Walker 001127 WinfieldALWWF53162.5251000Calera, AL Walker 001127 Birmingham (OUT OF SERVICE)ALKIH54162.5501000Calera, AL Washington 001129 JacksonALWWF55162.5001000Mobile, AL Wilcox 001131 JacksonALWWF55162.5001000Mobile, AL Wilcox 001131 GreenvilleALWNG607162.425300Mobile, AL Wilcox 001131 DozierALKIH59162.5501000Mobile, AL Winston 001133 WinfieldALWWF53162.5251000Calera, ALOnce you set the county code, hit "menu" to go back. Scroll down until you get to "alert type." Hit "select" and change it to "voice." Charles says during a weather event in your area, the voice option will carry a tone before a voice gives you information about what to do.Press "menu" again and scroll down until you see "set channel." Hit "select." You can scroll through to connect to a working channel. For a list of frequencies in your area, click here.If you get static, you should select another channel. Charles says it's important to hit the "weather/snooze" button to check because the Birmingham transmitter is not working at full capacity.Weather alerts can also be found through the ABC 33/40 IMAP Weather Radio app. It's available for iPhone and Android users in the app and Google Play stores. Click Here for more information on ABC 33/40's mobile apps.