Humane Society rescues Gulf Coast pets

Several dozen Isaac evacuees are left in Central Alabama, but they won't be going back home anytime soon. Before the storm made landfall, volunteers from the Humane Society in Birmingham traveled south to save the cats and dogs staying in Gulf area shelters. As more make their way to Central Alabama, the shelter here is bursting at the seams."This is Dottie Sue. She's from Plaquemines Parish," Jacque Meyer, Director, Greater Birmingham Humane Society said. "She's paralyzed from the waist down."An injury to her back legs put Dottie Sue in a special wheelchair, but it hasn't slowed her down..."You hear those wheels coming and you know it's Dottie Sue," Meyer said.She's one of dozens of shelter animals - who were rescued from the Gulf just before Isaac hit."It was chaotic to start with because those of us who remember Katrina were nervous it would be pretty similar and thank God it wasn't," Meyer said.The Birmingham Humane Society picked up 50 animals from Louisiana shelters-- many of whom have been sent to New York to be adopted. And 26 others were brought from Mississippi, keeping the Birmingham Humane Society at max capacity.Their rescue efforts are allowing shelters on the Gulf Coast to handle the growing number of pets lost during Isaac's landfall."We're on standby and that's not good because it means that they are going to start filling up and they are going to need help," Meyer said."We have wonderful teams of volunteers who come in and exercise them and clean them and feed them," Meyer said.Volunteers - like Lynda Cox."Real busy! I think they're kind of short but a lot of volunteers have come in, though. They're really sweet to work with!" Lynda Cox, a volunteer said."Please come and adopt because it's really difficult for us to continue to take if we can't get some spaces," Meyer said.Here is a link to information on how to help through donations or adoptions:{}