Hundreds reach out to child battling cancer

{}A Montevallo Elementary student is battling a rare form of cancer.Tuesday night, teachers, students and even those who've only heard his story wanted to shine some light into his life. 7-year-old John Oliver Tetloff did not attend Montevallo Elementary very long, but he made an impression.Guidance Counselor, Wendy Williford, says "While he was in Kindergarten, there was a child who was a severe diabetic and Ollie volunteered to walk with that child every single day to the nurse because he couldn't walk alone."Ollie has been battling a rare form of cancer, Neuroblastoma, for the last year and is now taught at home.Principal Allison Campbell says "Very bright child, full of personality, smiling in the midst of it all, he's a wonderful little boy."{}Williford says{} "I told mom, I want to fix it, but I can't. But I want to be there for them and help in anyway I can. If I can put a smile on her face, Ollie's face, dad's face, that's what I want to do."And what better way to make a child smile than with balloons and glow sticks. Project "Shine for Ollie" kicked off in the cafeteria. Volunteers worked on an idea to show him he's not fighting cancer alone. Fourth grader Pruitt Franks says, "He really deserves it in his condition. He needs support."Williford says "I knew we wanted to do something for him that would help him. At this point in time we're limited, so one thing I can do is put a smile on his face."Hundreds of people came out to the the campus of Montevallo to show their support, grabbing balloons and glow sticks to walk two blocks to Ollie's house.As the sun went down, glow sticks started shining as people walked to Moody Street.. where Ollie stood outside. He lit up with joy.. seeing all the support and all the love.Pruitt Franks says "I hope Ollie feels better real soon."Montevallo staff members also are taking meals to the family to help{} them during this difficult time.