Hundreds take action at town hall meeting over cemetery

People with loved ones buried at the George Washington Carver Memorial Gardens cemetery have started to take action. Hundreds joined together for the first town hall meeting, after the owners filed for bankruptcy.

State representative Juandalynn Giveann wants to be clear. She says{}it's now time for people to file a complaint in bankruptcy court before the deadline, February 3rd, 2014. Many are concerned because they already purchased grave plots.

Filling out a proof of claim form starts a lawsuit referred to in bankruptcy as an "Adversary Proceeding".

Volunteers passed out the forms. The gymnasium was so packed, other staff members had to bring out more chairs

Givan says the "proof of claim" forms should be mailed to the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy court by February 3rd. There's also a form online at A creditors meeting is scheduled for November 5th.