I-65 South drivers wait for hours after interstate asphalt deteriorates

{}Traffic is still a mess on I-65 southbound - where lanes of the interstate are deteriorating, creating huge headaches during Friday evening travel. It happened on I-65, right at the Corridor X construction."It's not a pretty site out there," Scott Ferguson, a driver said.Mile after mile.... Hour after hour."It's as bad as I've seen it in a really long time," Ferguson said.Thousands of cars spent Friday afternoon and evening on I-65."It's pretty bad and looking at the traffic coming South, it was backed up for miles," Roger Yocom, a driver said.This morning, after crews put a fresh layer of asphalt onto nearly 1,000 feet of I-65 south, it began to deteriorate - creating a massive hazard for drivers."We had a mix coming up at an alarming rate making it an unsafe condition which left us no choice but to consider the safety of the traveling public and get that mix up," Brian Davis, ALDOT Engineer said.ALDOT{}says that mix had been tested and tested normal and now they're testing it again to figure out what went wrong."The asphalt work they did didn't take and it created a real mess," Ferguson said.All day - only one lane could stay open."Looked like one of the worst around for quite awhile," Yocom said.{}Many drivers told us, they sat in a backup ten miles long. Davis says his fear was that someone could have been killed."This is not anything we could see coming, anything we were able to plan for, I regret it happened on a Friday, but when it becomes an unsafe condition, my hands are pretty well tied to consider the safety of the public," Davis said.ALDOT plans to have this problem fixed Friday night, but be advised, Saturday construction is going on 65 North bound between Carver High School and Highway 31 up until the afternoon. So if you're traveling in the area - engineers are urging you to be cautious. {}