Immigration rally draws hundreds to downtown Birmingham

Hundreds of people in Central Alabama are demanding immigration reform. They rallied and marched in downtown Birmingham at Linn Park to make their message clear. They want more rights for immigrants.

The crowd was seen waiving American flags, singing the National Anthem and demanding justice for all.

Minister Fred Hammond says, "We need to have a pathway to citizenship for all our citizens."

Evelyn Servin with the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice says, "We're gonna protest for Immigration Reform to actually move out of that judiciary committee to the Senate for a vote."

A message shown with banners and heard with mega phones.. as people marched into the street advocating the need for change. Dulce Rivera says, "I think our government needs to implement some reform to at least help those who have been here for a while and are doing good for the nation."

Charlotte Alvarez with the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama says "We have citizens who are waiting over 20 years for their families to immigrate legally. They've proven their relationship, they're just waiting for a visa to become available, which is just a tragedy."

And some say it's that time-frame tearing families apart and affecting the lives of those who are paying taxes, just wanting to be good stewards for this country.

Hammond says, "It's important the Federal Government steps up to the plate and does what it needs to do to make sure the 11 million immigrants in this country have a way to become full members of our society."

More than 200 people from Alabama just returned from Washington after delivering petitions to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, a member of the Senate Judiciary committee. We were unable to reach the Senator, but we did speak with Senator Scott Beason. He says he has grave concerns about the bill, mainly about border security.