Improvements in Kids Count Survey


Alabama children are getting stronger at reading, according to the latest Kids Count Survey.{}The Annual project by the Annie E. Casey Foundation looks at the well-being of children throughout the country in broad categories including education, health, family and community, and economic well-being.{}Alabama is now ranked 44th in the country, an improvement compared to previous years.{}"This is the first time we have not been in the bottom five since the 23 years this report has been published," said Linda Tilly, Executive Director of Voice for Alabama's Children.{}The report showed a decline in low birth weight babies and the number of children without insurance. {}There was also a decline in the number of child and teen deaths.{}"The one place we did not see improvement...that worsened was in child poverty but that really tracks with the rest of the country," said Tilly.{}The economic situation appears to be an issue.{}The report indicated a rise in the percentage of children whose parents lack secure employment. {}Parents we spoke with say they feel encouraged by the overall progress of Alabama's children but said every child and every situation is different.{}