Indiana fire department pays it forward, donates truck to Kimberly

The National Weather Service says at least 15 tornadoes touched down in cenral Alabama during severe storms over two days beginning April 28, 2014. (

The Kimberly Fire Department now has a pumper truck. A volunteer fired department from Indiana drove the donated truck to tornado damaged city Saturday night..Bainbridge volunteer firefighters took a nine hour trip from Indiana to deliver the pumper truck to Kimberly's temporary fire station. The truck will replace the one damaged when Monday's tornado leveled the fire station.The Bainbridge Fire Department was in a similar situation nine years ago. Firefighters say they received lots of support from fellow firefighters. They want to pay it forward."People come to us in the time of need. We rely on each other when it's time for us to be in a time of need. This is one way to do it even if it's across state lines, across county lines," said Kevin Thorson of the Bainbridge Fire Department.The donated truck has turn out gear for the firefighters.Kimberly firefighters still need to train on the truck. Once they do, the fire chief says they can answer calls without help from neighboring departments.
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