Inside the Lyric Theater: Major renovations underway

For months, we've been watching the progress being made at Birmingham's Lyric Theater. Supporters more than exceeded their goal of $7 million. Now, construction is well underway.Inside the Lyric is a big construction site, but through the scaffolding, the beauty that made the lyric a destination one hundred years ago is shining through."It's a great time to be downtown and I think the Lyric is part of the success story," said Tom Cosby, Campaign Director for the theater. The campaign met its goal and then some."And we've already passed the $8 million mark," added Cosby. "Every dollar we raise for this facility will make it that much more beautiful.""This will totally be restored," said Bruce Adams, general contractor in charge of the project, as he pointed to the painting above the stage. "This painting is called the Allegory of MusesIts canvas that was nailed to the plaster."Adams says bringing the colors back in the painting is just one of the tasks restoration specialists are being hired to do."Obviously, the mechanical and electrical and plumbing has to be redone but we are, we've been soliciting pricing from specialists who on the plaster work for example, the marble work, can restore that and bring it right back," continued Adams.All of this work is expected to be finished by August, 2015. "To give the visual experience and the experience of walking in to seeing what it was like 100 years ago, but accompanied by all of today's technology to make the performance experience the best," Adams explained his goal.Cosby hopes to bring Opera performances, Broadway Theater and symphonies, just to name a few.
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