Investigation questions excessive force of USA student death

Questions remain regarding the shooting death of a South Alabama student. The parents forgive the officer that shot him, but are angry with the university.

Investigators say 18-year-old Gil Collar was naked, high on L.S.D. and threatening an officer at the University of South Alabama early Saturday morning.{}

Collar's parents want to know if deadly force was necessary and if are campus police adequately trained.

Attorney Jere Beasley says the surveillance video, autopsy and toxicity results, will help determine whether police followed proper protocol.

"We have a police officer who had access to pepper spray and a baton, in addition to a firearm," said Beasley. "I can tell you without reservation that nothing we saw in the video justified the use of deadly force in this case."Beasley says Collar's parents want to know why the officer was only armed with a gun. "We were told that university police officers are not trained to use stun guns. Had either stun gun, pepper spray, or a baton been used, we wouldn't be here today," says Beasley.The parents have not brought suit against anyone yet. However, they want campus police training reviewed to see how this could possibly have been prevented. "You're dealing with students, you're dealing with situations that involve all sorts of incidents, but generally confined and restricted to campus activities," says Beasley.

State representative Barry Mask is set to meet with Governor Robert Bentley and Attorney General Luther Strange on Friday.{}

He's requesting a complete review of the standards and practices that all university campus police forces operate under to ensure all campuses have properly trained and equipped police forces.