Investigators, attorneys search house of accused Gardendale pastor

For the first time since Gardendale Pastor Terry Greer was charged with murder and attempted murder in the shooting death of his wife, Lisa, defense attorney Henry Lagman got a look inside Greer's house, where the crime took place.

"Prosecutors were here," said Lagman. "They saw what we've removed from the house, and they'll have an opportunity to review that evidence."

Greer was pastor of Gardendale Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church. January 10th, police said Greer shot and killed his wife then turned the gun on his daughter, who escaped. Greer stabbed himself several times and remains in intensive care. He's expected to recover in the ICU for at least another week.

Lagman{}claims Greer was in a storm of personal and professional problems.

"Terry is asking me the same questions over and over again," added Lagman. "He's asked several times how Lisa, so there's that question about where this case is going in that regard."

Greer is charged with murder and attempted murder and will be taken into custody once he's released from the hospital.

Meanwhile the church continues to consider its options for Greer. He could surrender his preaching credentials or be charged under church rules. Greer's preaching duties have already been suspended.

"My understanding in talking with the North Alabama Conference is{}is that they are going to prefer charges against him to terminate him as a Methodist minister," said Lagman. "Therefore he would no longer have medical coverage and{}his daughter{}would no longer have medical coverage."

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