Investigators search for motive behind ex-lawman's deadly rampage

Gun shots rang out in Saks just before 7{}Monday morning on normally quiet Chatwood Avenue. When Anniston police arrived on the scene they found{}41-year old Cormella Boyd shot to death. Soon investigators realized their suspect was a man they once served with for many years; former Anniston police officer Fred Boyd.{}{}"I just think someone went off the deep end," said neighbor Charles Pearl "I don't know what to think."{}Investigator say after Boyd shot his wife to death he quickly headed to Hobson City.{} We're told Boyd allegedly went to the back door of his uncle's home, knocked on the door, and started shooting. No one was hurt.{}"We don't have everything we need," said Lt. Fred Forsythe of the Anniston Police Department"{}We have some motives, things we are checking out."{}Pearl says he rarely saw the couple. He says they lived in the neighborhood for more than 6 years with their teen son. Investigators say the child was at home during the shooting. Pearl says he hardly saw Fred Boyd after he quit his job on the police force back in August. He has{}working security for Forte Power System's in Heflin.{}Police say Boyd was a patrolman for APD for 18 years. According to sources, he was disgruntled as he left the job. He had filed EEOC charges against the department. In fact,{}last September, just days after Anniston police officer Justin Sollohub was killed in the line of duty, city councilman Ben Little held a news conference{}alleging{}a frustrated police officer could reveal alleged troubles on the police force.{}We have confirmed Boyd was the mystery officer .{}4 hours after the rampage began, Boyd turned himself in to police in Meridian, Mississippi.Boyd's former brothers in blue stood outside the police headquarters with assault rifles until{}he was in custody. Police{}insist there was no direct threat against them.{}"Maybe he didn't leave here under the best situations," said Lt. Forsythe " Because of what we are pretty sure he did, it caused us to be more cautious considering all the things that have been in the news the last couple of weeks."{}Boyd will be returned to Calhoun County form Mississippi before the end of the week.