Iron Bowl ticket prices on the rise, so are the scammers


Gene Hallman, President and CEO of the Bruno Event Team, said this year's Iron Bowl is expected to live up to its reputation.{}"This will be the highest priced football ticket this season," said Hallman.{}Auburn University will take on the University of Alabama Saturday afternoon. Experts warn, don't let your eagerness to score tickets, keep you from actually attending the game.{}"Counterfeit issues tend to rise as ticket prices go up," said Hallman.{}Scammers are hard at work creating fake copies of this weekend's hottest ticket. {}Vestavia Hills Police told ABC 33/40's Larry Miller they're investigating a case where a man paid $300.00 for Iron Bowl tickets he didn't receive.{}"They sent money to a third party exchange and the tickets never arrived," said Lt. Brian Gilham, spokesman for the Vestavia Hills Police Department.{}Tickets for the game range anywhere from $400.00 to $30,000.00. {}Before you pay a dime, make sure the seller or the company selling the tickets has a good reputation and a money back guarantee.{}Hallman suggested purchasing from companies like Aaatix, Stubhub, Vivid Seats. Hallman said you want to purchase tickets from a company that's been around for a while. When you finally get your ticket, be sure to look for a hologram in the center.{}{}"Holograms do not copy easy. That's the thing that's going to give away a counterfeit ticket because of the hologram that is right in the center of the ticket," said Hallman.{}