Irondale Police search for two robbers, accuse both of shooting a woman and pistol-whipping a man

Irondale Police are keeping their eyes open. Officers want to find two men who robbed and shot at a couple. A man was pistol-whipped. The woman was shot.

Police investigated the shooting at Hunter Ridge, but believe the crime started at a gas station a couple of miles away.

Robert Stringer learned of it all with a loud noise outside his door.

"There was bamming on the door. It was a loud knock on the door. It was a stretch for a knock. I knew something was wrong," said Stringer.

He could not figure out what, but trusted his instinct enough to open the door.

"Her boyfriend was kneeling down over her. She was lying on her side groaning, crying and saying I had been shot," added Stringer.

The woman was Stringer's granddaughter.

Detective Michael Mangina believes the woman and her boyfriend went to the gas station Tuesday morning and were followed home.

Mangina told ABC 33/40 two men surrounded the car the couple was riding in and forced them to get out.

"They are armed and dangerous. There is no doubt this case was a crime of opportunity," said Det. Mangina.

One shot Stringer's granddaughter. The other dealt with the man.

"He was hit three times in the head with a shotgun. They made him lie down and take off his clothes," added Stringer.

Police are looking for the shooters. Det. Mangina is asking to the community to be alert.

"These guys may talk about it. They may mention it to somebody. If you hear any talk of it please call us at 205-956-5990," added Det. Mangina.

Investigators released surveillance pictures of a car used by the accused criminals. It's a turquoise Grand Marquee. Det. Mangina told ABC 33/40 the two accused robbers were black and in their early 20'. He knows that description is quite vague, so it hoping someone will see the men riding around in the turquoise Grand Marquee.