Is Alabama that dumb

Alabama holds a new distinction - one of the ten dumbest states in America. The title was bestowed by TheStreet, a financial news and services website. It is based on the percentage of residents in each state that holds a bachelor's degree. Twenty-two percent of Alabamians have a four-year college degree.The median household income is the third lowest in the country and the poverty rate of 19% ranks 45 out of 50 states. Massachusetts ranks as the smartest state with 38.2 percent of its population holding a bachelor's degree.Here's the reasoning behind the ranking. According to the website, men who hold at least a bachelor's degree earn 60% more than their counterparts with a high school diploma. Women with a four-year college degree earn 56.6% more than those with just a high school degree.The writer of the list believes there is a direct correlation between higher education and the poverty line.Six of the ten states on the "dumbest list" are southern states. West Virginia comes in dead last.