Is Christmas coming too soon?

Some children got into the Christmas spirit early Friday night at the Summit's parade. (

It's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but already the decorations are up in stores and Christmas songs are played 24/7 on the radio. But is it all coming too soon?

We found people who are adamant about waiting to put up the tree until after Thanksgiving and many who threw up the tree and lights right after Halloween! Either way people in Alabama are ringing in the Christmas season starting with a couple parades Friday night.

It's that time of year again... "Merry Christmas!" People in the Fairfield parade yelled to the crowd."Every year we come out here and celebrate and welcome in the season," Thomas Mitchell, who attended the Summit's Christmas Parade said....Or is it?"It comes earlier and earlier every year it seems like," Capree McIntosh, who attended the parade said.If the stores are any indication, Christmas came before Halloween ended."The sooner the better, always!" Wes Barnett, who attended the parade said."About four or five years ago, I don't remember seeing the lights go up and even in stores, the trees going up, the lights going up," Tameka Dixon, who attended the parade said.And Friday, from Fairfield to the Summit, people in Central Alabama are starting a celebration!"I am here to see the parade!" Kaitlin Dixon said. Sarah: "Who's going to be in the parade?""Santa Claus!"{}So what do you think? We're talking about when to start the Christmas season - log on to our Facebook page and join the conversation.