Isaac slows down, Charles Daniel and crew still on Gulf Coast

Good Morning Alabama Meteorologist Charles Daniel is still on the Gulf Coast this morning as Hurricane Isaac has slowed down. {}He will provide live updates in each half-hour of GMA today. {}Meteorologist Ashley Brand will be in studio with Ebony Hall this morning.

The Associated Press reports that Hurricane Isaac is pretty much stationary near the southeast Louisiana coast, and according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami the Category 1 storm is forecast to drift over the coast for the next day or two before heading inland. The winds of the storm have been clocked around 80 miles an hour. {}Various reports put the number of homes and businesses without power between 200,000-300,000 homes and businesses. High winds and heavy rains are the big concern now.

The storm will move into New Orleans seven-years to the day that Hurricane Katrina devastated the Crescent City. Many residents say this time they trust that the levees will hold. {}The government spent billions of dollars repairing them.