It's hot in here: No A/C in parts of Birmingham's Boutwell Auditorium forces groups to modify

From modifications to cancellations, some groups in Birmingham are having to alter event {}plans because of inoperable air conditioning systems in parts of the Boutwell Auditorium.There has been no working air-conditioning in the main exhibit hall inside the facility for nearly a month. The City Council approved more than $45,000 in late May to fix the equipment. A City Spokesperson says the water chilling coils had to be re-made from scratch due to the age of the system. It could be late July before the problem is completely fixed.ABC 33/40 has learned of at least a couple cancellations and modifications due to the change. A Boutwell employee says the air-conditioning is working in exhibit rooms upstairs.Council President Johnathan Austin says, if necessary, city recreation centers could serve as cooling stations for those in need.Hear more from event organizers and city leaders on ABC 33/40 News at 6.