Jacksonville man arrested for murder following woman's death

Richard Thad Pilkington (Photo: Jacksonville Police Department)

Jacksonville Police said a woman died early Sunday from wounds suffered due to strikes to the head.Investigators arrested 37-year-old Richard Thad Pilkington for the murder of 48-year-old Tracy Lynn Callaway Strange.Police said Pilkington and Strange lived together at a home on Penn Avenue and were in a romantic relationship, but officers were unclear if the couple was married.Paramedics and police responded to an injury{}call around 3:15 Sunday morning, and took Strange to Regional Medical Center in Jacksonville.{} She died from numerous severe injuries to her face and head.{} Jacksonville Police, the Jacksonville State University Center for Applied Forensics, the Calhoun County Coroner's Office, and the District Attorney's Office investigated the case, and took Pilkington into custody.Investigators said Monday that Strange's injuries were from punches and hand strikes.{} It did not appear as if any foreign objects or weapons were used.
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