January is Blood Donor Awareness Month


As we move into 2013 and think about the positive changes we wish to make in the coming year, here is a suggestion from LifeSouth: donate blood. {}In Birmingham, LifeSouth representatives say the community blood center needs more than 1,800 donors every month to meet the needs of local hospitals. {}Donors give with the understanding that they could be helping their neighbors, their friends and their family members. A blood donation is a gift to our entire community.January is set aside as Blood Donor Awareness month, and these donors can use some help. Nationally only about 4 percent of Americans donate blood regularly. {}As our population ages in this country, the need for blood is climbing. Currently it's estimated that 1 out of every 7 patients entering a hospital will require a blood transfusion. {}To these donors and to all who gave blood in 2012, LifeSouth sends thanks. {}