Jasper Family Left Homeless After Fire Grateful to ABC 3340 viewers

A family in desperate need of life's basic supplies after fire engulfed their home and left them homeless, are shedding tears of joy. {}

"I didn't believe people could be so nice," said Eric Taylor, as he tried to catch his breath.

Taylor had just checked his account balance at "The Bank of Walker County." {}A benefit account had been established under the name of "Eric Taylor" to help the family get back on their feet. Taylor learned ABC 33/40 viewers and others donated $5,000 dollars to help him and his family. That's more money than he's ever had. And it's enough for him, his wife and four young children to rent a home, and get back to normalcy. {}The couple met when they were 13; married at 16, and remained married for 13 years.

"All we have left is God and each-other," said Nichol Taylor.

"I love you. Thank you so much," the couple texted to reporter Donna Francavilla. "God sent u to be a reporter for people like me. You will truly be blesssdddd. Love, the Taylors."

A week ago, fire swept through their home near Jasper, destroying it. {}27-year old Eric Taylor, and his 27-year old wife and their four young children, ages 10, 7, 5 and 2, became immediately homeless.

The tragedy couldn't have come at a worst time. Eric had just been laid off a few weeks prior to the fire.

Their eldest daughter, Kylie, has special needs. Kylie suffers from Aspbergers Syndrome and multiple anxiety disorders. {}The disruption in her schedule has caused significant issues.{}

Nichol said after every ABC 33/40 newscast, the phone lines at the Super 8 Motel in Jasper lit up.

Red Cross paid for 3 nights at the motel, she said. Every day they prepared to check out. And every day, someone paid the $119 needed to keep them in their rooms for just one more night.

After media reports about their plight aired, the Taylors gleeful report that they can remain in the motel until November 8th. {}

"God has blessed us," said Nichol, as she wept with tears of joy. She was stunned by the outpouring of generosity, and expressed disbelief that so many people could be so kind.

Streams of people drove by the motel. {}Some dropped off used clothing, and some left food. Nichol was grateful for the box of cereal she received this morning because it meant her children had something to eat today.

Some well-wishers who had little to give, dropped by to hold her hand and pray with her. Others donated used toys. One offered a used refrigerator. {}A couple of generous people called Nichol to offer to rent a homes to them. One person offered to house them for free the first month, with reasonable terms after that.

Nichol was thrilled to have underwear for her children to wear for the first time in a week. {}

"I had to keep pulling my son's pants up," she told reporter Donna Francavilla, "because he didn't have no underwear on."

'It's the little things you miss," she said. "Like having bows to put in your little girl's hair, a Bible to read, or something in your refrigerator." {}Nichol ran from the burning building in her pajamas. For the past week, she wore only socks and flip flops, despite the increasing cold. {}

Nichol expressed gratitude to all the ABC 33/40 viewers who donated even the simplest of things. {}She lamented loosing the only food they owned when the fire destroyed their home last week.{}

"We had just bought groceries. And that's all gone. We're lost. {}What do we do from here?That's my question. All we can do is wait on God. That's all we can do, is wait on God."

Thanks to our generous viewers, this family won't have to wait much longer.



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