Jasper FedEx store owner comes face to face with suspected Tuscaloosa gunman

Jasper police took Nathan Van Wilkins into custody without incident at a FedEx shipping center Tuesday after a{}Jasper business owner came face to face with the suspected gunman of an overnight mass shooting inside a Tuscaloosa bar.

Wilkins walked into the Jasper store just before noon and told the owner, Ken Barfield, he was the one who opened fire inside Copper Top in Tuscaloosa's Temerson Square.{}

Eleven people were shot, and six others were injured.{}

"If you run away from a dog scared they'll chase and bite you, but if you turn around and confront the dog, they wont," said Barfield. "So I was there to extend a handshake to him and say I'll do what you want me to do."

Barfield said Wilkins wanted him to call Jasper police. He added they both waited for around 10 minutes before police arrived. He said he tried to keep him calm the entire time.{}

Jasper police said Barfield had a relative in Jasper.{}