Jasper Police respond to more than 60 car accidents

Only a few Walker County roads remain closed. Thick slush made the roads slippery and dangerous to travel. It caused numerous accidents and more are expected overnight.

Walker County residents are being told- stay off the roads. That same message was repeated again and again after snow started accumulating on roads.

The thick slush caused cars to collide. But most of the sixty accidents in Jasper were cars that{}went off the road.

Jasper Police Chief Connie Rowe said conditions got worse fast and not too long after students arrived at school. School administrators were afraid to put the buses back on the roads, so police had to drive some students home.

Conditions also{}forced most of the roads in Eastern Walker County{}to close{}for several hours.

A few roads remain barricaded in Jasper. Rowe cautions people not to drive around the cones especially as the temperature drops and the snow refreezes.

"If you don't have to travel, we very strongly advise you to stay at home," said Rowe. "Sixty wrecks- that's people warning them [drivers] to slow down, warning them not to hit breaks. That didn't slow people down and we had 60 wrecks."

Rowe says officers and administrators had to be pulled from all departments to work the wrecks.