JefCo BOE President says change in superintendent over "philosophical differences"

The Jefferson County Board of Education President Jennifer Parsons confirms attorneys are in talks with Superintendent Steve Nowlin to buy him out of his contract. Parsons says any change would be the result of "philosophical differences about how best to maintain educational progress."In a statement, Parsons said, "Dr. Nowlin has made important contributions to public education over the course of a distinguished career and we expect him to continue to do so. If the Board approves making a change in the position, our focus will be on employing a superintendent whose vision and leadership style will best meet the needs of this district and the students it serves."The board president says there was was no wrongdoing or neglect of duty.On Friday, Nowlin said he had just learned of the possible buy out and didn't know why. He thought an agreement would be worked out by next week.If he is bought out, the position would have to be listed for 30 days before someone could be appointed. An interim superintendent can be named immediately to fill the position for up to 180 days.Nowlin has only been with Jefferson County Schools for one year. He started in January 2013. He's under a three year contract earning 185 thousand dollars a year.