Jeff. Co. AFT President: "Dr. Nowlin was not a good fit as our superintendent."

The possible departure of the Jefferson County Schools superintendent is not a result of wrongdoing but a difference in philosophy, according to board president Jennifer Parsons. She released a statement over the weekend which states: "Dr. Nowlin has made important contributions to public education over the course of a distinguished career and we expect him to continue to do so. If the Board approves making a change in the position, our focus will be on employing a superintendent whose vision and leadership style will best meet the needs of this district and the students it serves."The school district offered to buy out Dr. Nowlin's contract Friday, and the superintendent told ABC 33/40 he wasn't sure why. Monday, Vi Parramore, President of the Jefferson County American Federation of Teachers, released the following statement: "I support the decision of the Jeffcoed Board members regarding the resignation of Dr. Stephen Nowlin. Our school district is large. We must have a leader who listens and knows how to bring people together around common goals. It is my opinion that Dr. Nowlin was not a good fit as our superintendent. I know many employees share my views. I wish him well and will continue my support of this board as we work to find an Interim Superintendent in the next few days."Dr. Nowlin took the position in January 2013 and has two years left on his contract. An interim superintendent could fill the position for 180 days.