Jeff. Co. deputies make attempted murder arrest in Forestdale

Nina Queen Taylor

Deputies with Jefferson County Sheriff's Office arrested Nina Queena Taylor for the attempted murder of victim in the 500 block Jalna Road in Forestdale.{} Taylor has also been charged with Domestic Violence, Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Vehicle, Assault 2nd Degree, Menacing, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Use of Defense Spray, Burglary 1st Degree, and Robbery. The incident occurred at 3:30 AM Sunday morning.

The male and female victims told deputies that they had been asleep in the bedroom when someone began pounding on the door to the residence. The male victim refused to answer the door because he recognized the person as an ex-girlfriend. The offender then broke out the bedroom window and climbed inside the residence. She sprayed the female victim in the face with a chemical defense spray. The female victim ran to the bathroom and began washing her face. As she ran past the suspect she was struck in the head with an unknown object. The male victim and the suspect began arguing. The suspect grabbed a pistol kept under the mattress and began telling both victims she would kill them. The female victim then ran from the home to a neighbor to call 911.{} As she was running she heard one shot from inside the house. The suspect then sprayed the male victim with chemical defense spray.{} Deputies arrived to find the suspect holding the pistol in one hand and the defense spray in the other. She threw the items on to a couch when she saw deputies. She was taken in to custody without further incident. Deputies discovered that the suspect had taken money and cell phones from the victims to prevent them from calling for help. She had also taken the keys to the female victim's car. It was also learned that the suspect had fired a shot through the windshield of the female victim's car.