JeffCo balances budget

Jefferson County commissioners balanced{}the county's{}budget, and employees and taxpayers shouldn't feel any pain from the additional cuts.

Department heads from Probate and family court, as well as the Bessemer district attorney, agreed to trimming a total of nearly 300 thousand dollars. Most of those savings came from Probate Court agreeing to pay for software and attorneys from other funding. Family Court and the district attorney cut three vacant positions.

But the budget does pull several million from reserves.

"We are on life support right now. We are borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and we cannot continue to go that way," said Commissioner Jimmie Stephens of the need to find new revenue or cut even more next year.

The county manager's office is still working on the indigent care fund, which operates Cooper Green Mercy Hospital. It{}is expected to{}delay the budget vote one day.