JeffCo city taking steps to enter car tag business

One Jefferson County city is taking necessary steps to go into the car tag business. Vestavia Hills is now looking to purchase car tag software. A new state law allows Jefferson County cities to issue and renew tags.

Vestavia Hills will hold a public hearing on the software purchase Monday at 5 p.m.. The mayor has said he plans to start issuing and renewing car tags in April.

The software system doesn't cost anything up front. The cities will give the company a portion of the car tag cost. Under the law, cities can charge a five dollar fee to help cover the expense.

Earlier this month, the governor signed a bill from Representative Paul DeMarco, (R) Homewood, into law allowing Jefferson County cities to issue and renew car tags for its citizens.

More than a dozen other cities have also expressed an interest in getting into the business. It's expected to ease the long car tag lines at the Jefferson County courthouses. {}{}{}