JeffCo Commission districts could soon have new look

It's been more than a decade since lines for Jefferson County's five commission districts were drawn.

That's about the change. The board of registrars office has made its first presentation of what new redistricting lines would look like based on the 2010 census.{}{}

The county has five commission districts, some of those districts are underpopulated? certainly population is one issue.

Jefferson County now has 658,466 people.{} Approximately 40 percent is African American.

The new redistricting isn't likely to change those numbers.

Barry Stephenson with the Jefferson County board of registrars says the county commissioners are working together to alter the boundaries of their districts.

"They had to look at, where were their boundaries, with the other commissioners," says Stephenson. "It's the commissioners plan at the end of the day."

Under current districting. George Bowman and Sandra Little Brown's districts are{} almost ten percent underpopulated.

Districts represented by David Carrington, Jimmie Stephens and Joe Knight are overpopulated.

The plan is to level the playing field. Stephenson says the demographics will{} slightly change."The county is a little over 41 percent black. District five became a little more minority, District one and two picked up a little white population. District's three and four will still have one third minority population," said Stephenson.Jefferson County commission president Carrington doesn't appear concerned.

He says redistricting won't change the way commissioners do their job. "We're going to do what we're going to do, the electorate has to make up their decision, if I've represented them well or not," said Carrington. "The public will have a chance to weigh in on the potential redistricting. A public hearing will take place next month."

The office of the Jefferson county board of registrars. Located at the downtown courthouse in room A-410.