JeffCo commissioners will travel to LA, meet with sewer creditors

The new Jefferson County sewer rates don't signal the conclusion of bankruptcy proceedings just the beginning of the end.

Next Wednesday, commissioners will travel to{}LA to meet with bankruptcy attorneys and sewer creditors. They will try to reach agreements, so an adjustment plan can be created. That's a path to get the county out of bankruptcy.

There may also be more talk about sewer rates because some sewer creditors believe those increases should be higher.

"We don't know. We're going to have to look and see what is fair and equitable," said Commissioner Jimmie Stephens.

An adjustment plan is expected to be created by winter. It has to go before the federal bankruptcy judge for approval.

Commissioner George Bowman who wasn't present for the sewer rate vote is now questioning the legality of the new rates.

Other commissioners{}say the county is within its rights and increases have never been challenged before.

Commission President David Carrington says the meeting could've been held in Birmingham. But attorney fees would've made it more expensive then a LA trip.