JeffCo EMA Council drafting bylaws

The board overseeing the Jefferson County EMA is making changes. It's drafting bylaws and officially changing its name. This comes after questions were raised about whether the board was properly upholding the Alabama Open Meetings Act.

Tuesday, several Jefferson County mayors, a representative from the City of Birmingham and Jefferson County Commissioner Joe Knight sat down to go over a draft of the new bylaws. Until now, the board has operated using resolutions instead of bylaws and without the regular keeping of minutes.

As part of discussions, a name was chosen- Jefferson County Emergency Management Council.

The group was formed in 1951 as the Jefferson County Civil Defense Corps. It's purpose changed. But as ABC 33/40 learned through an information request, copies of regular meeting minutes could not be found. There are no records of public notices. Both are required under state law.

Members of the council had said they weren't aware of the issues and are now working to become more transparent.