Jefferson County goes pink

It's not often that Jefferson County leaders, employees and residents can all agree. But they came together Wednesday as the county went pink in honor of a commissioner who is beating breast cancer.

Everyone going into the commission meeting was handed{}a shirt to wear, and everyone stood to applaud{}Commissioner Sandra Little Brown{}who publicly decided to conquer breast cancer.

"Very emotional.{}I really didn't want to cry no more. Very emotional," said Brown who is now cancer free.

Brown was surrounded by pink inside the commission chamber-{}pink T-shirts donated by the Jefferson Credit Union, pink lighting, even a pink Jefferson County emblem as she announced the county would from now on go pink{}the second Tuesday{}in October.

"I'm going to make sure more women are involved, more women get early detection and they have access to things to help them get passed it," she said.

Early detection saved Brown's life. But the disease claimed two of her friends over the last few days.

Brown{}isn't shying away from discussing the private issue about how she lost both breasts and is now undergoing chemo as a precaution.

"Very decisive. She looked at her decisions, took action. I'm very proud of her. I'm very proud of her for her willingness to come forward and say, 'hey, I've gone through this. I'm a survivor,'" said Commission President David Carrington of his fellow commissioner.

Her battle against the disease is even{}helping bring the county together.

"It has brought so much love, so much unity for the entire county. Everyone is together on the issue because it has no name, no date, no time," said Brown.

Brown's proclamation also made October breast cancer awareness month for Jefferson County.