JeffCo looking to hire more employees

Jefferson County has the federal court's permission to fill nearly 60 positions. But it must be done using layoff lists or a lottery.

The county is currently under a federal hiring order to ensure women and minorities are considered on an equal basis for hiring and promotion. It is awaiting a ruling on violation of that mandate, so in the meantime, the court must approve all hires.

The court just gave the county the go ahead to fill 58 open positions in 22 different job classifications, including accounting assistants, administrative assistants, nurse practitioners, court clerks and a truck driver.

The county is instructed how it must select employees for each position. They all require either going to the layoff list and bringing back the highest ranking worker or using a lottery to select someone from the certified candidate list. The one exception is the truck driver position. The court says that job must go to the highest ranking African American on the layoff list.

In December, Jefferson County was back in court over the more than forty year order for violating it. County leaders admitted there were issues hiring women and minorities within certain departments, like Roads and Transportation, due to a lack of qualified candidates.