JeffCo selling Cooper Green Hospital beds

Six Cooper Green Hospital bed licenses were sold to Baptist Health System. They will help Princeton Hospital meet its growing demand for geriatric psychiatric services.

Baptist Health System agreed to purchase six geriatric psychiatric beds for a total of sixty-six thousand dollars.

The county had announced plans to sell a total of 14 licenses.

A{}spokesperson from Baptist Health System says Princeton Hospital has seen an increase in patients over the last few months. But she says{}they{}couldn't buy the other eight without expanding{}the facility.

The county is trying to sell them before the end of the year.

"Once the inpatient care is closed, there is no value on the beds. We have to return them to the state and they can be assigned any where in the state, not just Jefferson County," explained Jefferson County Commission President David Carrington.

Commissioners Sandra Little Brown and George Bowman voted against the sale. Bowman believed the beds were undervalued and should've sold for closer to sixty thousand dollars each.

The sale will have to be approved by the Certificate of Need Review Board. That board meets Wednesday.