JeffCo sewer creditors want ability to ask state judge for new sewer rates

Jefferson County Commission President David Carrington is optimistic about a favorable court ruling. (

In March, Jefferson County sewer bills will increase on average by{}a few{}dollars. But sewer creditors don't think it's enough of a hike.

A trial is underway in federal bankruptcy court to have the automatic stay lifted for the creditors. It would allow them to ask a state court to raise sewer rates even more.

County manager Tony Petelos testified about his knowledge of the rate change.

Creditors contend Jefferson County intentionally didn't act quickly or do enough.{}In court, they discussed a 2003 report. It called for{}rate increases of 12 percent{}a year over eight years. That would've doubled the current rate.

The commission president is{}optimistic about a ruling{}in the county's favor.

"I think there is general acknowledgement privately among the creditors that we are going to prevail this week," said{}President David Carrington.{}

Environmental Services director David Denard and ousted sewer receiver John Young are also expected to testify.