Jeffco stealing from Cooper Green Mercy Hospital ?

The group Citizens to Protect Cooper Green Hospital wants answers.{} In 2009, a grass roots activist, Maralyn Mosely, settled her suit against Jefferson County alleging it diverted money from{} Cooper Green Mercy Hospital to the county's general fund. The settlement called for $71 million to be put into an account for the hospital separate from the county's general fund.

"The $71 million, we don't know where it is ? " said attorney Emory Anthony and Citizens to Protect Cooper Green Hospital member.{}In fact, {}the group alleges the financially strapped county has siphoned off half a billion dollars over 5 years from the troubled indigent care hospital. Money they say should have propped up the hospital.{}"They stole the money," said State Representative John Rogers{}"I think it's a concerted effort to try to cross out Cooper Green," said Anthony{}{}The allegation comes as the Jefferson County Commission will weigh{}four options on the future of Cooper Green Mercy Hospital. The ideas range from{}reducing beds to as few as 50 {}to turning{}the hospital{}into an urgent care facility.{}Commissioner Carrington says the general fund has been propping up the hospital.He adds{}the county{}has reviewed 3 years worth of audits, and so far it turned up no problems.{}"I don't have it," said a laughing Commission President David Carrington{}Commissioner Joe Knight added {}"This commission has no knowledge of anyone stealing indigent care funds."{}Anthony, flanked by State Representatives{}John Rogers and Mary Moore, said a lawsuit is possible.{}"I'm concerned about a lot, but that's not one of them," said Commissioner Carrington