Jefferson Co. Sheriff's Office warns of scam involving man posing as chaplain

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is warning the public of a man posing as a law enforcement chaplain, scamming people for money.Deputies say the suspect is showing up at area businesses claiming to be a chaplain with the sheriff's office and asking people for money, claiming he has run out of gas while en route to help a family member either in jail or the hospital. The well-dressed man tells victims that he left his wallet and credit cards at home due to a rush to assist a family member in need.There have been three separate reports of the scam occurring in recent days and deputies are working to identify the suspect who has no affiliation with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.The sheriff's office wishes to remind people that anyone affiliated with a law enforcement agency should have proper photo identification. If anyone has information about the identity of the suspect involved in this scam, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 205-325-1450.