Jefferson County approves budget, employees to get pay increase


Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos said he feels confident about the county budget approved by commissioners Tuesday morning.{}"Its a budget that defines the new Jefferson county," said Petelos.{}The county's 2013-2014 budget totals nearly half a billion dollars, a milestone for a county continuing to work to its way out of bankruptcy.{}"It's a budget that's much, much less than it was in previous years. And in the future, we're going to use technology to do a better job of being efficient."{}The budget begins October 1, 2013. {}It calls for nearly $5 million worth of investments into county roads, $100,000 into the library system and more than $2 million for the sheriff's office.{}Commissioner Sandra Little Brown hopes some of the money allocated for infrastructure upgrades will go to projects in Lipscomb and Brighton.{}"The roads are terrible and everybody has to pass through those roads and also those people pay taxes," said Brown. " We must have some type of means testing or monies for those distressed cities."{}Petelos says the budget also invests money into technology upgrades that will help the county improve efficiency. {}Those technology upgrades include improvements to car tag renewals.{}