Jefferson County Citizens Can Donate Canned Goods to Pay Library Fines

Fortypublic libraries in Jefferson County will participate in the fifth annual"Food for Fines,'' a drive held in September that allows patrons to payoff up to $10 toward their library fines with donated canned or boxed foods.One dollar in fines will be waived for each item of donated food. The waivedfees apply to fines only. The food drive is open to anyone, even if they do nothave overdue materials. Expiration dates on foods must be visible on alldonated food.

"Our goal is to encourage users to return overdue materials whilealso giving back to our communities," said Patricia Ryan, director of the JeffersonCounty Library Cooperative (JCLC). {}

Theeffort, which is being coordinated through the JCLC, comes at a time when areafood banks and pantries are running low on donations. Librarians in JeffersonCounty hope this campaign will be the boost several nonprofit food groups needas they approach the fall holidays. The libraries plan to donate goods toUnited Way Food Bank, Greater Birmingham Ministries and Magic City Harvest.Individual libraries may also decide to donate items to a local church orcharity of their choice.{}