Jefferson County Democratic District 2 Race Still Not Resolved

{}{}{}{} It will be at least another 5 days before a decision is made in the Jefferson County District 2 election challenge. A 30-minute hearing was held this afternoon to help determine whether Sandra Little Brown will keep her victory, or if it will go to her opponent Shelia Smoot. A committee of Jefferson County Democratic Party officials turned out to hear from attorneys representing Jefferson County Commissioner Sandra Little Brown, and voter Edwin Hill, who filed an election contest with the Jefferson County Democratic Executive committee after Brown was declared the winner of District 2 over Smoot.

{}{}{} No cameras were allowed in the hearing.{} But both candidates were there, and both literally sitting on opposite sides of the room, and on opposite sides of what has become a highly unusual election contest challenge.

{}{}{}{} The attorney for Sandra Little Brown said no formal accusations have been made. Given that, I asked him what the challenge is based on. "We don't know. That's what we've been asking from day one," said Joe Espy, "The paper doesn't say, and that's one of the reasons we asked it be thrown out.{} Either tell us what we did, tell us what the public officials did or let's go on about our business."

{}{}{}{} The attorney representing the voter says at issue is absentee-ballots and reporting methods at a polling location.{} ABC 33-40 expects to get a copy of the complaint on Monday morning.{} Sources tell us, exclusively, that on Wednesday, an additional 12 absentee ballots were discovered.{}

{}{}{}{} Smoot, who served as a Jefferson County Commissioner for 8 years, fell 26 votes short of tying current Jefferson County Commissioner Brown in the July 15th Democratic run-off. Smoot has yet to concede in this race.

{}{}{}{} At issue, is whether the contest should continue based on procedural questions about the fee.{} The voter paid late 1509.16 dollars, but paid late. The monies were accepted and the voter received a receipt.{} State party rules were amended last year stating the deposit for the election contest will be equal to qualifying fee for that position.