Jefferson County Sheriff's Office employees reach out to veteran

Herbert Washington was overjoyed Sunday to see his yard being mowed by volunteers from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. (

It's what law enforcement have been pushing, building community relationships to prevent crime.

Jefferson County Sheriff's employees did just that Sunday by making a difference in the life of a veteran and his wife.

Herbert Washington says, "It surprised me today. I didn't know who it was."

Sergeant Joni Money made her own call for action.

"We really have good hearts under those badges." Money said.

There were no badges in hand, just yard tools, as deputies and other sheriff's office employees pitched in to help a Vietnam and Gulf War Veteran dealing with health problems.

Magdelyn Washington says, "He's been ill quite a bit, second time with pneumonia."

Sergeant Joni Money says "He didn't have a lawn mower, so I went to the neighbors and nobody was willing to give up a lawn mower, so I posted it on Facebook and my friends from the sheriff's office said we're going to make this happen."

Washington's grass was nearly knee-high when volunteers showed up to mow, rake and even pull weeds from the couple's yard at their home in Ensley. The Washington family was overjoyed with the act of kindness.

A volunteer from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office mows Washington's grass at his home in Ensley, Sunday, July 28, 2013. (

Herbert Washington says, "I appreciate everything they're doing."

Sergeant Jack Self says this helps strengthen ties with the community.

"This is getting out in neighborhoods in a non law enforcement role and a help role and doing good for citizens we serve." Self said.

Money says she simply wanted to make a difference.

Magdelyn Washington says, "I think it's wonderful for them to establish a good relationship with the community. That lets the community know they hey, you can call the Sheriff's Department at anytime."