Jefferson County Sheriff's Office enters into emergency operations mode

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is entering into emergency operations mode. Below is a news release from the Sheriff's Office. Sheriff's Office Enters Emergency Operations ModeAt this point based on current information, we plan to have all non-essential employees leaving in time to be home safely no later than 3pm. Sworn personnel will continue normal operations up until road conditions become hazardous to travel. At that point we will go into our emergency operations plan where 4-wheel drive vehicles, vehicles equipped with snow chains and Humvees able to navigate will answer emergency calls only and will be available for critical transport needs. We will remain in emergency operations mode for the duration of hazardous road conditions and will be staffing the Jefferson County EMA Operations Center to coordinate any needed response. We are urging everyone to monitor their local news outlet, err on the side of caution in getting to their safe place in plenty of time to avoid hazardous travel and to stay put unless there is an emergency. As always, our goal is to get through this without injury or loss of life. If everyone is prepared and follows a good safety plan, we should easily accomplish that.