Jefferson County Sheriff's Office investigating threats by student at Gardendale High School

Below is a news release from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office:

The 15-year-old student was said to have list of people he wanted shoot. Yesterday after hearing from a student's parent, school administrators alerted the Sheriff's Office SRO Division that a 15-year-old Gardendale High School student had made threats to some students that he had a list of people he was going to shoot when he "went off and shot up the school".

The student reportedly told some of the students they were on his list to shoot. An SRO Deputy located three students, who the suspect reportedly told they were on his "shoot them" list.

No actual list has been located as of yet. The suspect who says he was joking was removed from school.

The Sheriff's Office gained consent to search the suspect's computer and has confiscated it to look for any credible threats or lists involved with this incident.

The student doesn't appear to have access to any firearms. His family has admitted him to an area hospital for mental evaluation.

A terrorist threat report was made and charges will be filedthrough family court. The school administration will take action on the students status.