Jefferson County Sheriff's Office denies Pitt's second honorary badge

"I'm relieved that now it's over," Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian said. "He's where he needs to be."

Christian says youth evangelist Matt Pitt should be behind bars.

"They try to make a mockery of the judicial system," he said.

Christian questions Pitt's mental state, wondering how anyone could take an honorary badge, which are given to people who support law enforcement, and use it to mislead the public.

"I like it to being named mayor for the day," Christian said. "Surely, a reasonable person doesn't believe that gives them the authority to change the budget."

Last year, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office confiscated Pitt's Jefferson County honorary badge after he was caught using flashing blue lights to pull people over on I-65. Pitt later pleaded guilty to Attempting to Impersonate a Peace Officer.

"I think any rational, reasonable person that has an honorary badge of any kind, realizes that doesn't give them any authority," Christian said.

When Pitt was arrested in Birmingham, Tuesday night, he had what appeared to be another Jefferson County honorary badge, however the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office contends it did not give it to him.

Christian says the whole thing is disheartening.

"It's not just disappointing but it's a little unbelievable that someone would abuse it in that manner and believe that that was OK," he said.