Jefferson County Sheriff's Office unveils pink patrol car for Breast Cancer Awareness

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office will be fighting crime and cancer. ( photo)

This October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office will be supporting the cause every time they haul a criminal to jail in their newly madeover patrol vehicle.{}

Sheriff Mike Hale unveiled a pink patrol car today at the county gas pumps in an effort to promote awareness, and he said his deputies are fighting each other for the chance to drive the new vehicle.

"Our deputies are fighting to get to drive this car.{} That doesn't surprise me and speaks to their character.{} I'm humbled by that, I love them for it."{} Hale said.

Michael Buxton of Rozar's Auto Paint Supply, Paul Jones of Michael's Automotive and Paul Pitts of the Graphics Stop generously donated the paint and striping work to the sheriff's office.

Hale couldn't think of a better way to shed light on the cause than a pink patrol car that he said represents his office and the citizens that they serve.{} They are just doing their part in the fight against breast cancer, similar to the NFL.

"We love our football here in the south, especially in Alabama." Hale said. "If the NFL can wear pink on their uniforms then certainly we can do our part to bring attention to this terrible disease."

According to breast cancer statistics from Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization, only five states have a higher breast cancer mortality rate than Alabama, and that's with a state incidence rate per 100,000 women that is below the national average.

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Hale said they must keep up the fight because so many families have been affected in not only in Alabama and Jefferson County, but in his own office.

"It is difficult to find a family not affected in some way by breast cancer including my own and many others in the Sheriff's Office and across this county, state and nation."{} he said. "We must keep the pressure on until we defeat this cancer."

The car will be assigned to different patrol areas and events around the county.