Jefferson County students take a stance against bullying

It's National Anti-Bullying Month. In Jefferson County,{} people are stepping up to help stop this problem. It's all a part of a national video contest.

The video is all makeup, editing tricks,{} and fake blood and bruises. But the problem is very real.

"We didn't want this video to be sugared down because we didn't want it to be taken as a joke because it's not."

Meet six members of the Corner High School Theater Academy: Cullen Peters, Alexis Gravlee, Maddie Burrell, Dylan Kyser, Seth Burgess, and Justin Bruton.

Finding the inspiration to make a film about bullying wasn't difficult. They say they had plenty of real life experience to draw upon.

"He went up to the kid and threw his books on the floor and hit him in the head and followed him to the ground and continued to hit him until someone broke it up," said Kyser.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Each year nearly 3 million students deal with situations similar to the ones created in this video.

In fact, bullying can have deadly results. In May of 2010 15-year-old Alex Moore jumped off Interstate-65 to her death; apparently the victim of bullying at her school. "kids are the very one who can change this. I can't change this. Even laws and rules can't change this. They change the hearts of people," said Mike Putnam.

Putnam is producer and director of Corner Theater Academy. He says teachers can only hear and see so much. Students, on the other hand, see it all.

The team agrees. Now that facebook, twitter, youtube, and text messages have become avenues for{} bullies, they say adults are sometimes disconnected how bad the problem can get. "We all look up to different adults but we don't look up to them about bullying advice. And really takes kids standing up to someone or being nice to someone that people are not normally nice to."

The four-minute video is now accessible to thousands of people online they say it's not about winning the contest. It's about winning over their peers.