Jemison residents upset over dead animals on county road

Jemison residents are upset after they said someone shot two dogs and two deer{}then dumped them along County Road 123 last week.

"It made me angry and sick," said Mary Griffin, whose property is near the animal carcasses.

Three of the animals are still lying on the side of the road, and one of the dogs named Cherry{}belonged to Jemison resident Dennis Scott. He removed her from the site{}and buried her in his backyard.

"She came up missing February 3rd," said Scott. "She was the greatest dog in the world."

Griffin said this isn't the first time she's found a dead animal near her property. Earlier this year, she noticed a dead dog in a creek a few yards from where the four animals were dumped.

"It was shot in the neck the same way one of these was," Griffin added.

Griffin said she went to the Chilton County Sheriff's Department but was told there was nothing deputies could do.

"They said I could hang a hunting camera and maybe get somebody's tag number," Griffin said.

Both residents want answers and wish those responsible would be held responsible.

"I don't see where their heart is," said Scott. "I don't see how you could have a heart to do something like that."

The Chilton County Sheriff's Department wouldn't comment and said the sheriff is out of town until the middle of the week.